Shane Vaughn

Real Estate Expert – Team Leader

Shane spends endless amounts of time learning real estate and has been highly successful as an agent in residential real estate. His focus is on buyer education and he uses the Duffy Realty Timeline to educate his buyers, keep his buyers on track and lead the buyers to certainty in their purchase. Buyers learn what they are seeking in both a home, financing, lifestyle and investment early so that they are kept sane and focused throughout the process.

Clients report that Shane is caring, thorough, easy to reach and a true adviser during the process. See for yourself as you read his client’s testimonials.

Buying A Home in Metro Atlanta
Shane will use Duffy Realty‚Äôs Buyer ACTION Timeline to teach you how to the buy a home with confidence that you are getting the best home for you at the best price. The Timeline will teach you things like: the 7 key questions to ask neighbors, how to get the best loan, how to get a C.L.U.E. report, questions to ask an inspector before you hire him, why you need owner’s title insurance, and much more. Also, our Buyer Client’s get a BUYER CASH BONUS of up to $500.00 when they buy a home!

Selling A Home in Metro Atlanta
Selling a home can also be a time when a process is helpful Duffy Realty of Atlanta offers many selling structures for Sellers. Our sellers benefit from our powerful Buyer Magnet System that advertises our listings to all buyers using today’s technologies that didn’t exist even 4 years ago. Plus, not only do you get explosive marketing and a Team of Licensed Professionals with complementary skills, we offer our sellers a savings benefit of a lower commission.



Designations & Awards
2014 – Trulia.Com Top Ranked Real Estate Agents In Georgia Highest-Ranked Agents Based On Client Reviews & Ratings